Nissan Gets Ready to Release its GT-R Spec V in Japan

As if the regular GT-R wasn’t enough car already, Nissan has announced that like previous GT-R’s, there will also be a Spec V version of this GT-R. Spec V Nissan’s translate to the pinnacle of that model designation with an emphasis on sport. So the Spec V GT-R is the best GT-R one can get from the factory outside of random NISMO specials.

For the GT-R, engineers focused more on improving the car’s overall balance rather than just giving it a ton more horsepower. In fact, the Spec V makes a measly 5-hp more than stock thanks to a retuned exhaust system and ECU. One of the car’s worst faults is its weight. The stock Nissan GT-R is a porker, tipping the scales at more than two tons! Nissan engineers were able to strip off almost 200 pounds of fat from this beast.

Starting with lightweight aluminum and composite doors, the Spec V also removes the rear seats and replaces the front ones with lightweight racing bucket seats. On the chassis side of things, Nissan has improved the overall balance of the car by fitting it with specially developed Bilstein shocks. The ECU settings for the car’s damping and transmission are also permanently set on the racier "R" mode. 

The Spec V’s race-spec six-piston carbon-ceramic brake setup alone adds $30,000 to the cost of the base car! Add another $15,000 for the combination of 20” light alloy racing wheels, on either Dunlop or Bridgestone cut slicks, and you start to get the picture that this ride won’t come cheap.

If you feel this is the ride for you, be prepared to pay dearly for it. At current exchange rates, you’d be parting with a more than $150,000 of your hard-earned dollars. Will it be worth it? I don’t know. That kind of money will buy you a lot of car nowadays. Then again, I doubt anyone who would buy this car would take the cost into consideration. When you buy a car like a GT-R Spec V, it’s because nothing else will do.



These images were leaked onto the Internet from an unreleased Japanese brochure. It’s all we have so far.

Source: Inside Line