Nissan GT-R Loses its Launch Control Feature

The Nissan GT-R has already gathered a cult following. Heck, its predecessors already had a cult following anyways. They just were never sold here. But the minute we found out that the new GT-R was coming to America, fans and enthusiasts were foaming at the mouth. By the time it got here, the buzz on this car was so strong that almost every automotive magazine in print had this car on the cover at one point.

With more than 400-hp from its twin turbo V6, the GT-R used all the technological tricks in the book. This was a tech lover’s dream car. But then it started happening. Owners everywhere started having the same issues. The GT-R is equipped with a "Launch Control" function that can perfectly, and violently, launch the car as fast as possible from a standstill. But after you perform this function, say more than 10 times, the car’s components can’t handle it and transmissions start lunching themselves.

The issue became so frequent that Nissan had to remove the feature from the 2010 car so that it would not longer be an issue. Here is the official statement released by Nissan: "The GT-R is built to exceptionally high standards and is a true supercar in every respect. It is designed to be operated in accordance with the Owners Manual provided at the time of purchase. The GT-R is not to be operated with the VDC system switched off, except when rocking the vehicle when stuck in mud or snow. Damage to the vehicle, including to drivetrain components such as the transmission or engine, resulting from such operation is excluded from warranty coverage by its terms. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we ask that our GT-R owners keep this in mind and reference the GT-R Owner’s Manual for more details."

I find it rather pathetic that a company can release a so-called supercar to the public with a feature that if used, even properly, can damage the vehicle. Why add launch control if the car’s components can’t handle it? I, for one, would be ticked off to find out that my new $70,000 supercar can’t handle what it was designed to do. There is an upside for 2009 GT-R owners though. As the 2010 model will not be available with the launch control feature, those first year cars are bound to become collectors items. Just make sure to keep that little VDC switch in the on position.

Source: Inside Line