Nissan Possibly Planning 370Z Hybrid

According to, Nissan is considering building a hybrid version of its 370Z Sportscar. The hybrid 370Z would keep the powerful 3.7 liter V6 and add the same hybrid system that will be featured on the 2011 Infiniti M, which will include lithium ion batteries and plug in capabilities, according to Motor Authority.

The system is expected to yield at least 30 mpg, but would most likely add quite a bit of weight to the car. This will hurt the car’s handling a bit, but the extra braking and acceleration offered by regenerative braking and the electric motor should offset the extra weight.

But the biggest question is, will people buy a hybrid sports car? The hybrid technology will add thousands to the price of a 370Z, and only yield gas mileage in the 30s. Also, we can’t imagine there’s much overlap between the groups of people who shop for hybrids and those who shop for sports cars.

Who knows, maybe the hybrid 370Z will appeal to all the people who fight traffic all week long and then hit the track on the weekends. In a recession, it’s possible that all those people will need to cut down from two cars to one, and the 370Z hybrid will be the perfect fit.