Nissan’s Cube Proves it Pays to Be a Square

Nissan’s new Cube is one funky little car. Sold in Japan for some time now, the boxy little Cube sub-compact has gathered quite the Internet following. People really dig this car! It’s easy to see why. The Cube is fresh and fun, and it shows that cars don’t have to be all about power and speed. How about efficient mobility?

Though first seen as just a designer’s pet project, a lot starts to make sense when examining this car. First, its square shape maximizes interior room and cargo space. Second, a short wheelbase and wide tracks make this car super efficient for cutting through city traffic. All in all, it’s a well-thought-out little car.

When it comes stateside, the Cube will be powered by the company’s 1.8-liter four cylinder shared with the Versa. Mated to a CVT transmission (or a manual), the 122-hp motor will return 30mpg on the highway. Prices are speculated to start at about $20,000 when it comes stateside sometime next year.


Nissan’s Cube proves it’s hip to be square.

Source: Auto Week

Photo: Nissan Motor Co.