Nissan’s New 370Z is Finally Revealed


Just shy of its public debut at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show, Nissan’s new 370Z was revealed to the world through pictures that flooded the Internet yesterday. Looking a whole lot like its predecessor (think evolution, not revolution), the 370Z nonetheless will be an impressive package when it hits showrooms next year.

Though power is slightly up (330-hp up from 307-hp), the big news is the fact that this version of the Z will be considerably lighter than the 350Z it replaces. Though it was never designed as a super lightweight sports car, the 350Z was still kind of heavy for any car with sporting intentions. The new 370Z fixes this by promising to be considerably lighter.


The new 3.7-liter V6  already in use in the G37 is carried over basically unchaged expect for some slightly different exhaust and intake tuning. The Z will also feature the 7-speed automatic also available in the Infiniti cars. Suspension is said to be more compliant over rough surfaces while retaining the road-holding and roll control a sports car experience demands.

Probably the greatest upgrade though, has been in the interior cabin. Gone are those cheap, hard plastic surfaces replaced with materials of far greater quality and build. This now feels like a proper driving environment and finally gets rid of the one element of the old car that kind of cheapened the experience. Expect all the car magazines to be reviewing this new Z real soon. While not a radical departure from the modern 350Z, the new lighter, more potent 370Z promises to erase all its predecessor’s shortcomings to finally bring the Z car into much a higher league of performance.


Source: Edmund’s Inside Line

Photos: Nissan