Official Specs Finally Revealed for Nissan’s New 370Z


Nissan has recently announced the new specs of its 370Z sports car, and I’ve got to say, there’s a lot to love. The new Z is fitter, more taut and all around a more pure sports car. You don’t even need to drive it to know that this is going to be one special ride.

Starting with the engine, the obvious change is the bump in displacement from 3.5-liters to 3.7-liters, hence the 370Z nomenclature. We’ve already been exposed to this awesome powerplant in the new Infiniti G37 coupe. In the 370Z it makes a respectable 332-hp. If you remember, the first 350Z came with 280-hp so this is a 52-hp bump in power! The engine is mated to either a new short-throw 6-speed manual or a brand new 7-speed automatic transmission with the trendy paddle-style gear shifters.

Chassis-wise, the 370Z really shines. One of the old 350Z worst attributes was its heavy weight. The porker weighted in at about 3,500lbs, which was more grand tourer than true sports car. This new Z is much more focused though. Weighing in at a couple hundred pounds less, and with a wider track and shorter wheelbase, the 370Z is a more pure sports car. It rides on Nissan’s new E Platform and incorporates lighter suspension components too. Likewise, the brakes are now larger and beefier.

Nissan is leaving it up to journalists and car magazines to figure out the performance figures, but word going around is that this bad boy will rip to 60mph from a standstill in less than five seconds and cover the quater in the low 13’s , which is impressive stuff. Top speed figures should be in the 170-180mph zone.

The only thing we need now is the price. Nissan’s old 350Z was such a success because of its $28,000 entry price point. If Nissan can offer even more performance, while still keeping the price point of an every-man’s sports car, then it does not take a genius to figure out that this new 370Z will be a real winner for the Japanese auto maker.

Source: Car and Driver

Photo: Nissan Motor Co.