Pontiac Closed, and Nothing of Value is Lost

2009 Pontiac G8 picture

Don’t worry. The G8 is too good of a car for GM to axe it.

According to Edmund’s Inside Line, General Motors will officially pull the plug on its Pontiac division Monday.  Though the source hasn’t been cited, the move seems likely considering GM’s December plan to reduce Pontiac to a “specialty” brand, focusing on performance cars, and the company’s new directive to create a more viable plan in order to receive more government support.

Inside Line’s contact inside GM chose to remain anonymous, and when the news source contacted GM, their PR man, Tom Wilkinson, said, "There’s nothing I can share with you at this time. Keep your eyes on our media site. Officially, nothing has changed with Pontiac’s niche-brand status, until you hear differently."

Translation, “Yes, but we’ll be announcing it on Monday.”

I’m sure the Internet and local car meets alike will be afire with muscle car aficionados wailing about the loss of GM’s last real hope, but really, when GM closes Pontiac on Monday, what will be lost?

The Solstice and G8 are the only cars Pontiac has right now that are worth saving, and both will probably be on sale as Chevrolets before Pontiac’s body is even cold.  Really, what makes more sense? Trying to re-brand the company that made the Grand Am and Bonneville as a sporty nameplate, or selling the G8 and Solstice alongside Chevy’s cars that already have a reputation for performance, like the Corvette, Camaro, and Cobalt SS?