Pontiac Officially Done, But Auto Loan Deal Available on Used G6

Pontiac, well-known for its muscle cars, is officially done selling vehicles today. The 84-year-old General Motors brand was axed last year when GM went through its bankruptcy proceedings. GM’s agreements with Pontiac dealers expired Oct. 31, the Associated Press reports.

The very last Pontiac was built in May. With the brand officially ending, this means that any new Pontiac vehicles at dealer lots have to be sold as used cars. There are about two dozen new Pontiacs left at dealerships nationwide, the AP reports. GM dealers will continue to service Pontiac vehicles and fix any warranty problems.

2010 Pontiac G6 coupe

Although there are no more new Pontiacs left, you can still receive a good auto loan rate deal on a certified pre-owned Pontiac. GM Certified Used Vehicles is offering 1.9 percent auto loan financing for up to 60 months on certified pre-owned Pontiac G6 models (coupe pictured above).

The auto loan rate incentive is for well-qualified buyers and is good through Jan. 3, 2011. If you’re looking for a certified pre-owned Pontiac so you can take advantage of the low auto loan rate deal, you can search for certified used vehicles in your area on GM Certified Used Vehicle’s website.