Regular Porsche GT2 Not Enough For You? Sportec Has the Answer!

Sportec is known for serious performance. You know that a company is serious about speed when their smallest Porsche offering makes only 450hp. Porsche can only unleash so much power to the public before the company lawyers start having fits. "Dis iz too much power, ya!" says one German lawyer. "They vill kill themselves, ya!"

But tuners like Sportec have no such limitations. No nannies to tell this "Dis vill be too much!" Instead, they pride themselves on the ridiculous cars that they produce each year. The Swiss Porsche specialist has now introduced the SP750, its range-topping performance upgrade for the Porsche 911 GT2. The 750 in SP750 denotes the power in horses, or 750hp! Insane figures for a car that is already mondo fast.

To achieve all this lunacy, Sportec has reprogrammed the ECU and fitted more potent turbochargers and larger intercoolers. To support all this boost, the company delves into the heart of the beast. Internal engine mods include titanium connecting rods and sport cams as well as a full engine blueprinting. A high-performance exhaust system including high-flow catalytic converters and twin tailpipes round out the package. The company claims 0-60 acceleration takes less than 3.2 seconds, while top speed jumps to a very lofty 217 mph. The SP750 also gets a reinforced clutch kit to cope with the more than 200 extra ponies.

It rides on Sportec SPR alloy wheels, available in polished or anthracite finishes, with Michelin Pilot Sport tires measuring a whopping 245/30ZR20 front, 325/25ZR20 rear. Upgraded suspension and brakes, as well as revised aerodynamic bits keep it stuck to terra firma. An aluminum pedal set, velour floor mats and a choice of leather or Alcantara upholstery and trim are among the interior appointments available so you can be speeding in style and comfort.

Sportec’s ultimate upgrade will cost you dearly. How much? Pricing is available upon request, meaning if you have to ask, sorry pal, you probably can’t afford it. Still, if you’re a speedophile, it’s worth every penny.


Imagine the look on the stock GT2 owner’s face when you fly by in one of these.