Shopping Online For a Car How The Dealer Screws You Over Part 1

So I have begun my quest to buy a new car.  One of the most frustrating things about shopping online for a new car is getting an online quote from the auto dealer. Back in the day the auto dealer use to have no problem with emailing a price quote to you.  But now they have been trained to get you in the dealership so they get treat you like a ragdoll.  The dealers do not get it.  You have spent countless hours shopping for a car online, probably have test driven, decided on colors and options but the auto dealer wants to waste your time by getting you back in the auto dealership.  And sometimes for a car you have found online at their dealership but when you ask to buy it suddenly it is no longer in inventory.

Here is an example:  Lakeland Jeep located between Orlando and Tampa has listed this car for sale.  So now call the dealer and ask them about it.  Or better yet email them.  You will find out it does not exist and they want to sell you another one.  And then you will start to get pelted by their ridiculous email system about how great the dealership is, that everything is on sale and how to make buttered croissants.  Like you care about how Arrigo Sawgrass Dodge makes a breakfast item.  As a man once said "Stay Classy San Diego".  Oh yeah you won’t hear that from a dealership.  Where have you gone Ron Burgundy?