Spy Shots! BMW’s Confusing New V-Series

I worry for BMW these days. Though the company is financially stable, it seems to be run by people who could care less about what makes a BMW a BMW and care more about the profits and what sells. It’s a really awkward situation for BMW fans who have been with the brand for years, because it really seems that the brand has lost some direction.

A prime example is BMW’s planned upcoming V-Series. Even BMW does not know what it is. It’s a crossover, it’s a wagon, it’s a people mover, but it’s also none of those. Huh? That’s what we were thinking. We saw pictures of the prototype during runs in the desert and it really seems disproportionate.

A high roof line and hatchback rear-end give the V-Series a unique look that could make or break this unusual sedan. BMW plans to position the V-Series between the 5 and 7-Series. Expect power to come from the new corporate twin-turbo V8 rated at more than 400 ponies. Still, there is a chance that due to ever-growing emissions needs, that we might see a twin-turbo six and maybe even a turbo-diesel make the fold. We don’t know yet. For now though, we have some spy shots.



No sir, I just don’t like it.