Subaru Loves Dogs So Much They’re Advertising During the Puppy Bowl Rather than the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a most exciting event of the year for advertisements. In the weeks leading up to the game we always see teasers and promos for the new commercials that are trying to beat the Budweiser Frogs and become a national sensation. Car companies are no exception, the VW Darth Vader commercial was pretty famous for its combination of wit and a Star Wars reference. The Puppy Bowl is always the highlight of the evening for me though (along with chicken wings, which are the only thing keeping me from a vegetarian diet) and Subaru has decided that the Puppy Bowl is a better place to advertise than the Super Bowl, and they’ve made teasers for their ads available online.


The Tailgate ad provides an answer to the question few dogs have ever pondered: “why did you buy a hatch back instead of a sedan?” Obviously the answer is to transport delicious meats.

On The Lot shows the heartache of a border collie whose first choice of colors is stolen by the bane of all suburban dogs, a housecat.

Let’s Talk Financing seems to have no joke beyond the silliness of a dog sitting at a car salesman’s desk. Hopefully the full ad has a bit more content.

Lint Roller is a bit better, showing the human salesman’s cleanup process after he spends time with his clients.

So what do you think? Do Subaru’s dog themed ads work for you? Subaru doesn’t offer any dog-specific packages like the Honda Element Dog Friendly Package, so do you feel like Subaru has any right to claim the dog owner market?