Survey Asks Car Owners Single Most Important Question: “Would You Recommend It?”

Auto Pacific has released the results of its recent survey which asked 25,000 car, truck and SUV owners whether they would recommend their vehicle to a friend or family member. This is the best test of a car’s value. Most cars are very likeable, but in order for people to put their reputation on the line and recommend a car to their friends and family, they have to really love it.

The winners in the survey were the Infiniti G37, Ford F-150, GMC Yukon XL and Honda CRV. Porsche had the best record as a brand, with 91% of all Porsche owners saying they would recommend their vehicle to a friend. The Infinity G37 was the best ranked individual car, with a 95% recommendation rating.

Here are Auto Pacific’s results:


Premium Luxury Car – Lexus LS

Executive Luxury Car – Jaguar XF

Aspirational Luxury Car – Infiniti G37

Large Car – Toyota Avalon

Luxury Mid-Size Car – Lexus ES

Premium Mid-Size Car – Toyota Camry

Mid-Size Car – Volkswagen Jetta

Image Compact Car – Toyota Prius

Mainstream Compact Car – Subaru Impreza

Economy Car – Honda Fit

Premium Sports Car – Chevrolet Corvette

Sports Car – Nissan 350Z

Sporty Car – Ford Mustang


Large Light-Duty Pickup – Ford F-150

Large Heavy-Duty Pickup  – Ford F-Super Duty

Compact Pickup – Toyota Tacoma

Luxury Sport Utility – Lincoln Navigator

Large Sport Utility – GMC Yukon XL

Premium Mid-Size Sport Utility – Toyota 4Runner

Mid-Size Sport Utility – Dodge Nitro

Compact SUV/Off-Road Vehicle – Jeep Wrangler

Luxury Crossover SUV – Land Rover LR2

Large Crossover SUV – Ford Flex

Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV – Ford Edge

Mainstream Mid-Size Crossover SUV – Honda CR-V

Compact Crossover SUV – Honda Element

Minivan – Toyota Sienna

Most of the results are unsurprising. The F-150 has been a sales leader for years, and that doesn’t happen by accident. The Honda Element, Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Prius are all cars that exist in a niche market and appeal to enthusiastic owners. Plus, if you want a utilitarian soft roader, instantly recognizable hybrid or serious off-roader, you really only have one choice for each.

The only really surprising results of this survey is that the Subaru Impreza beat out the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic, and the Lincoln Navigator beat out the more ostentatious Cadillac Escalade.

Infiniti G37 pic

The Infiniti G37 was the most recommended car in 2009.