Top 10 Gibberish Car Names

Sometimes we see a name on a car and think "what were they thinking when they named it that?" The folks at have compiled a list of what they call the "Top 10 Gibberish Car Names." I thought the list was quite funny and wanted to share it with our readers.

Most people don’t know how automakers go about naming their new vehicles, but the fact is it’s a very research-intensive process. Everything from customer questionnaires, group studies, to random voting gets used to determine that next great car’s name. Still, every once in a while, a car gets stuck with a name that just sounds, well, silly. Here are ten cars that got stuck with some weird names:

10. Volkswagen Tiguan – Apperantly a mix between "tiger" and "iguana".

9. Nissa XTerra – A play on words, this is supposed to mean "Generation X all terrain vehicle".

8. Lotus Exige – Even Lotus doesn’t know how they came up with this one. They just invented the word.

7. Hyundai Azera – Is it prescription medication or a car?

6. Chevy Aveo – Makes you think of a large bird or something. Too bad the last thing this car does is fly.

5. Saturn Vue – They could have spelled it "View", but then it wouldn’t have made it on this awesome list.

4. VW Touareg – This SUV was named after the nomadic Tuareg people who roam the Sahara desert, but only misspelled.

3. Toyota Camry – A play on words for the Japanese word "Kanmuri", which means crown. Fitting for a best seller.

2. Toyota Yaris – This word did not exist before this car came out, and for good reason. It sounds like some distant planet.

1. Toyota Venza – A play on the words "Venture" and "Monza"(racetrack), the last place you’d go in this crossover.

Seems that whenever we think car names can’t get any sillier, the automakers totally pull through and surprise us. I seriously cannot wait to see what new names they will come up with next.