Vehicles Most Affected by $4 Gas

Want a good deal on a vehicle that’s just sitting on dealers’ lots? U.S. News & World Report has come up with a list of vehicles and brands that are taking a hit big time from the soaring gas prices.

Sales are down on the vehicles listed below and if you can accept the price it will cost you to fill the tank, there’s a good chance you can get a great deal on one.

Hummer – Sales are down by 36 percent so far this year, the biggest drop among a single brand. An H3 will get about 15 mpg and the H2 will get an expensive 10 mpg. It costs about $120 to fill the tank of an H2, and you can only go about 300 miles on it. If you can afford the fill-ups and can deal with the evil looks Hybrid drivers will give you, then go for it!

Nissan Titan – This truck has seen a 45 percent decline in sales for the year so far. Need a truck for work? Your company can probably get a good deal on the Titan. Almost all big trucks’ sales are hurting, so you can’t go wrong on getting a bargain on any of them.

Jeep Commander – This SUV sports a V-8 engine and gets only around 13 mpg. Sales are down 48 percent so far this year.

Chrysler – May sales dropped 25 percent, despite the "Let’s Refuel America" $2.99 gas promotion. Overall, Chrysler sales are down 19 percent for the year. The Chrysler 300, once very popular, is seeing a 31 percent decline in sales. This car could be a good deal if you need a family sedan.

Saturn – This GM brand has been revitalized with new right-size vehicles like the Outlook and Vue crossovers and the Aura sedan. Saturn isn’t getting many takers though because sales are down 20 percent.

Toyota Avalon – With only a six-cylinder option on this roomy sedan, it’s experiencing a 33 percent decline in sales. If you absolutely must have a six-cylinder sedan, this could be a fine choice for a good deal.