Volvo Unveils its Gorgeous S60 Concept


It’s no secret. The car you see above is basically 90 percent of what the new Volvo S60 is going to look like. Sure, it won’t have as flashy of details, and won’t come with 20” wheels, but from the basic shape of things, it looks like Volvo designed a stunner.

From all angles, the S60 concept is a beautiful car. Organic and painted in a vibrant shade of burnt copper, the concept strikes the balance between wild and subtle. Like I said, this is one pretty car. The way the b-pillar stays hidden behind glass, or how the lines in the mouth of the bumper intersect and then overlap is just gorgeous to look at.

s60_concept_-hi_003_280.jpg      s60_concept_-hi_014_280.jpg

So the concept is a little out there. The interior looks like something out of an alien space craft, and the rear doors open in a backward-hinging manner that almost says, "come on in." The way that the rear window and roof flow into one piece and provide a break in contrast to the swash of copper paint is great. Headlamps with Swarovski-looking crystal enclosures and organic LED lighting are probably still a few years away, but it is nice to see that Volvo is still able to produce a nice-looking car.


I don’t know what happened. A few years ago, Volvo’s were all boxy shapes and straight lines. Now Volvo has become the maker of some of the best-looking cars on the road today. The S40 is a nice piece, and so is the new C30 hatchback. The S60 concept is a sign of even greater things to come from Volvo in the near future.

Source: Autoblog

Photos: Volvo Cars