What NOT to Say When Buying a Car

Honesty is the best policy, right? Not when car shopping. The sales process is a mind game and if you’re good at the game, you can get a good deal.

The salesperson is trained to look for certain clues from you. They will try to qualify you in their mind with what kind of car you are looking for and more importantly, how much money you want to spend.
The salesperson then uses this information, among other clues you give them, to either sell you on a more expensive car (so their commission is higher) or get the sales manager to sell you add-ons and get you financing at a higher rate than you should be paying. The dealership makes most of its profit in the finance manager’s office, not on the sales floor.
So how do you know what to say and what not to say when you go to the dealership? Putting all your cards on the table will definitely work against you, so it’s in your best interest to “play the game” with the salesperson and use your Jedi mind tricks (aka “outwit the salesperson”) to score a great deal.
Here’s MSN Autos’ list of 10 things not to say when buying a car. Click here for the full story.
1.       I’m trying to keep my monthly payments down.
2.       Honey, what do you think?
3.       I have a car to trade in. How does that affect the deal?
4.       Let’s talk financing!
5.       Here’s how much I have to spend.
6.       What kind of extended warranties do you have?
7.       I need this car now.
8.       I think my credit’s good.
9.       It looks like it’s been kept pretty well.
10.   I guess all these fees are pretty standard, huh?