Will Ford Sell Volvo?

Ford’s ownership of Volvo has been a mostly fruitful one. The Swedish cars sell OK, but don’t really compete toe-to-toe with the boys from Germany, Italy and Britain. Still, that’s not the kind of performance to make you want to sell a company, is it?

The latest rumors flying around are that Ford is indeed contemplating the sale of Volvo to the highest bidder. Ford has already dumped a major part of the stock they held in Japanese auto manufacturer Mazda last month, so this new rumor doesn’t seem too far-fetched. It’s no secret that Ford has been working on "trimming the fat".

The Ford Motor Company is in a solid position to become the last remaining (if not the last, then the strongest) American car manufacturer left. They’ve managed to keep their head above water, and at least not become part of this auto bail-out embarrassment. In the end though, they still need to focus on their core products first, and that means the stuff with the blue oval badges. Who knows, maybe then Ford can reinvent themselves as the last true American car company. Getting rid of excess baggage like Volvo can only help the cause.

Source: Motor Trend