2010 Lingenfelter Camaro Revealed

Chevrolet tuner Lingenfelter has revealed its designs for the 2010 Camaro. Lingenfelter is most famous for building high-horsepower Corvettes, but also offers performance packages for a variety of domestic vehicles, including the Viper, Trailblazer SS, Pontiac G8 and Cadillac CTS-V.

Five different performance packages will be offered on the 2010 Lingenfelter Camaro: a 550 HP Supercharged TVS1900 kit; 570 HP Supercharged TVS1900 kit; 650 HP Supercharged TVS2300 kit; 700+HP Supercharged TVS2300 kit; and an absolutely insane 800 HP Twin Turbo setup. The kits will be compatible with both six-speed and automatic transmission Camaros. The 2010 Lingenfelter Camaros will include Lingenfelter’s 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

Lingenfelter will also be selling 2010 Camaro body kits. No pictures of the final body styling components have been released, but Lingenfelter has released some sketches of what it will look like. The kits have your standard muscle car throwback styling, ducktail spoilers and black front splitter, which are nothing new, but they’re popular for a reason, and the 2010 Camaro looks absolutely mean with the Lingenfelter kit.

2010 Lingenfelter Camaro Picture 

2010 Lingenfelter Camaro Picture 

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