2011 Porsche 911 998 Spotted Testing, Spy Photos Reveal Unexpected Styling

Just kidding. It still looks like a 911. Edmunds Inside Line has published some recently taken pictures of a prototype of Porsche’s 2011 911 redesign. The design of the next generation 911, called the 998, is not exactly a radical departure from the current 997. In fact, there’s not much visually that separates the new Porsche from the current generation. That’s part of the 911’s appeal though. Even someone who isn’t a car nut can identify the 911 in a heartbeat.

The 911’s looks haven’t changed radically since the first ones came out in 1964. In that time, the Mustang has gone full circle with redesigns and come back to the general ideas that worked back in 1964. Porsche just skipped the middle part of that plan. Except for the 996 generation, the bug-eye headlights have been a feature on every Porsche, and the 996 front end was the source of many complaints.

We’ve included Edmunds pictures, but there’s really not much to see. You already know it will be gorgeous. The really exciting part of a 911 is the mechanicals, and unfortunately those are much easier to hide than the styling. Edmunds believes that rather than focusing on more power, Porsche will make the 998 lighter than the 997, which will give it better performance and gas mileage.

Head over to Edmunds’ story to see a video of the 998 test car in action.

Porsche 911 998 

Poprsche 911 998