2015 Subaru Legacy Might Be the First Subaru To Sell In the South

For a long time, Subaru has been extremely popular in the northeast and northwest corners of the United States while almost invisible in the south. Now with this winter’s weather reminding the rest of the country how much fun it is driving in the snow with two wheel drive, maybe the all-wheel drive car company will see an even greater uptick in orders than it already has this year.

The Subaru Legacy has always been the big brother of the Subaru family. It has the same poor weather capabilities of the rest of the lineup, but its big, comfortable adult exterior separates it from the rest of the outdoorsy clan. The business-ready Subaru will be redesigned for next year, with a conservative but still attractive exterior design. The biggest design update is on the front grill, which has adopted a hexagonal shape, which will probably make its way to other Subaru products in the future.

One wonders if Subaru would be better off appealing to a younger crowd than the Camry/ Accord/ Fusion doppelganger’s conformist looks seem to. The Kia Optima or Subaru’s own XV Crosstrek would be good role models for a more youth-oriented look. But if a move into the south is what Subaru wants, and why wouldn’t they, they might be best off keeping the Legacy’s looks conservative.

The 2015 Subaru will also get new HVAC controls, a new touch screen navigation system and a new dashboard.


Images via Autoblog.