2015 VW Jetta Will Be Updated With New 1.8t Engine, Sportwagen Will Now Be Sold As Golf

The 2015 Volkswagen Jetta won’t get a complete remake for next year like the hatchback gold, but it will get a mid-cycle update that will include a new engine.

The 2015 VW Golf will be completely redesigned for next year, moving to the MK VII (pronounced mark seven for you non VW folks) which would mean that the 2015 Jetta MK VI still being sold would look outdated sitting on dealer lots next to the new Golfs. To avoid that, VW is updating the Jetta with what will most likely be a few styling tweaks along with paint and wheel options to go along with the most exciting update: the new 1.8t engine.

The 2015 VW Jetta will get an updated version of the 1.8t four-cylinder turbocharged engine. VW hasn’t announced any performance or fuel economy figures, but it’s a safe bet that VW is aiming for the magical 40-MPG city rating that would look oh so good in marketing copy.

Also of interest is that the Sportwagen (shown above), which is the wagon version of the Jetta, will now be called the Golf Sportwagen. This means that now you’ll be able to buy a normal hatchback two-door Golf, a four-door hatchback Golf, and a slightly longer Golf Sportwagen. As if shopping for a car wasn’t confusing enough.


Source: Autoblog.