Paul George Didn’t Spend a Million Dollars on His Ferrari F430 and Porsche Panamera

Paul George recently announced that he would join the slam dunk competition at this year’s all star game, hoping to top his 2012 dunk when he jumped over teammates Roy Hibbert and Dhantay Jones. (shown above).

When Paul George isn’t getting awfully close to ramming into the back of his friend’s head and doing significant personal damage in the process, he entertains himself with a Ferrari F430 and a Porsche Panamera. The Ferrari F430 that Paul George drives has 483-horsepower and has a top speed of 200-miles per hour. The Porsche Panamera is a bit more sedate with four doors and a hatch back, but if George went for the Turbo S model it could have as much as 570-horsepower.

While the Porsche Panamera and Ferrari F430 are amazing, and expensive cars, Paul George is actually pretty conservative in his vehicle choices (compared to some athletes like Yasiel Puig, David Beckham and Floyd Mayweather, who all drive the ultimate grotesque display of wealth, a Rolls Royce). The Porsche Panamera starts at $78,000 and ranges up to $160,000 for the Turbo Executive model. The Ferrari F430 hasn’t been sold since 2009 and while it was around $200,000 new, used models are now available for under $100,000.


Paul George slam dunk picture via Ballornuthin.

Paul George car pictures via Instagram.