A Few Car Makers See an Increase in January Sales Figures; Chrysler Down 55%

As if December’s sales numbers weren’t bad enough, it looks like January is turning out to be even worse for many car makers, especially domestic ones. Chrysler takes the cake for the biggest decline in January sales compared to last year, at a 55% drop.

A few manufacturers actually increased their sales in January over the same month last year. Subaru, Kia and Hyundai all experienced a slight sales boost. All sales figures listed below are for U.S. sales only.
January 2009 sales:
GM: down 49%  
Ford: down 38.9%
Chrysler: down 55%
Toyota: down 34.9%
Lexus: down 30.3%
Honda: down 30.5%
Acura: down 32.4%
Volkswagen: down 11.6%
Mercedes-Benz: down 35.5% (includes smart USA)
Subaru: up 8%
Kia: up 3.5%
Audi: down 26.4%
Hyundai: up 14%
Mazda: down 27.3%
Mitsubishi: down 34.5%
Nissan: down 31.2%
Infiniti: down 17.7%
Suzuki: down 49%
BMW: down 15.5% (includes MINI)