A Mexican Supercar? Meet the Mastretta MXT


Mexico doesn’t exactly have a history of creating great supercars. In fact, they don’t have a history of creating any supercars. They barely have a history of sports cars at all! Well not any more, because now two brothers from Mexico City are about to change all that.

The Mastretta brothers have come up with quite an interesting little number. Called the Mastretta MXT, this little two-seater gives supercar-like performance for its diminutive size. Weighing in at a featherweight 1,985 pounds and sporting serious hardware everywhere elese, it’s safe to say this one is a contender.

But all good sports cars start with a great engine, and the MXT is no different. Powered by a Cosworth-developed turbocharged 2.0-liter Ford Duratec, this little bullet makes 240-hp and shifts via a 5-speed transaxel. Not exactly supercar specs, but the Cosworth connection does have some weight to it, and given the numbers, that should be enough for some hearty performance. Indeed it is, with 0-60mph going by in less than 5 seconds and a top speed of 150mph, the MXT brings the goods.

Chassis construction is quite modern being composed of aluminum extrusions, box sections and a carbon-fiber/aluminum sandwich floor supporting a fiberglass body. Though outside of the fiberglass body all seems to be the real deal, people noted that the fit and finish on the company’s show car left something to be desired.

Still, this is a mighty effort for just two brothers from a country with no history in making great sports cars, let alone supercars. The Mastretta MXT is a fine first effort, with funky styling and a respectable powertrain. With prices reportedly starting from about $60,000, this isn’t that bad of a deal either. Who knows, maybe years from now Mastretta could put Mexico on the supercar map.

Source: Road and Track

Photo: Mastretta for R&T