A Tribute Fitting to Sir Stirling Moss


Mercedes-Benz will end production of its McLaren SLR supercars with a limited run of SLR Stirling Moss Editions. Just 75 of these limited edition cars will ever be built. They differ highly form the regular SLR in that this limited edition car boasts a completely redesigned body.

Designed to be a "speedster" type car, the Stirling Moss SLR goes without a roof, or even a windshield for that matter, in favor of two little screens barely a few inches above the bonnet. A helmet, or at least some goggles, is highly recommended. The car also features prominent ventilation gills on the hood and side fenders, paying homage to the car piloted by the man himself, British driving legend Sir Stirling Moss.

Inside, leather and suede are joined by flannel cloth reminiscent of the type used in Moss’s actual race car.


Don’t think that removing the roof would constitute a reduction in power? Oh no, this car sports the exact same 650-hp, supercharged V8 which powers the regular SLRs. 

As you would expect, performance is breathtaking. The benchmark 0-60mph run gets dispensed within a mere 3.5 seconds. The SLR Stirling Moss will then power its way to a top speed of 217mph. Could you imagine going that fast without a windshield?

Of course, all this performance and exclusivity come at a price. That price is a cool $1.04 million. Production will start at the end of June after the final run of SLRs is built. This should prove to be Mercedes-Benz’s ultimate swan-song.


A fitting homage to a man who became a legend for Mercedes.

Source: Inside Line

Photos: Mercedes-Benz