Afrojack Gets His Lambo Back – DJ’s License Returned after Suspension for Speeding

DJ Afrojack just got his license back and he posted this picture of his Lamborghini Aventador to celebrate. Afrojack’s driver’s license was suspended for driving 105-miles per hour, according to Celebrity Cars Blog, so hopefully he managed to keep his foot light on the 690-horsepower Aventador’s gas pedal.

Anyone who’s listened to Afrojack’s music won’t be surprised by the fact that he was caught driving fast, it’s impossible to listen to his music and not want to drive 100 miles an hour everywhere you go.

Afrojack doesn’t have a great history with fast cars, a while back he posted an image to his Instagram of a new Ferrari 458 Italia he had bought, followed an hour later by this picture of the same car wrecked with the caption “ok that sucks, good thing were all ok!!!! lesson in life: dont drive a ferrari in s**t weather!”

Afrojack should have better luck in inclement weather in his new all-wheel drive Aventador than he did in his rear-wheel drive Ferrari.




Images via Celebrity Cars Blog.