Aston Martin to Ressurect the Famous Lagonda Badge

Aston Martin is on a roll these days. With all ties to Ford Motor Co. now out and over with, they can concentrate on doing what they were put on this Earth to do, build devastatingly gorgeous sports cars that offer a blend of performance and luxury that could only come from her Majesty’s England.

Now though, Aston is looking to expand in a big way. The company recently announced they are resurrecting the famous Lagonda badge for a new line of luxury vehicles. The world should get a first glimpse of the new Lagonda some time in 2009. That year marks the brand’s 100th anniversary, and that’s when the first prototype should appear. A production model is expected by at least 2012.

"The revival of the Lagonda brand would allow us to develop cars which can have a different character than a sports car, and therefore offer a perfect synergy," said Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez. "Lagonda will use a unique design language, as Aston Martin does. We will take elements of DNA from the past but will be very future orientated as we are with Aston Martin."

Sounds good, and it’s also a good sign that Aston knows it can’t survive on just six-figure sports cars alone. Indeed, the company will have to expand its portfolio and be able to cater to other markets. With the revival of the Lagonda brand they are doing just that.


Expect to see this badge on the most exclusive luxury vehicles to come out of England.