Subaru Fans Do a Fitting Tribute to Rally Star Colin McRae

Colin McRae was a legend. The renowned professional rally driver was a sight to behold in action and his famous days with Subaru have generated a cult following from his loyal fan base. It seems that these fans have found a fitting way to pay tribute to the fallen rally star.

He was killed, along with his son and a friend, in a tragic helicopter crash in September 2007. Recently, fans of Colin McRae turned up with more than 1,000 Subarus to celebrate the life of the Scottish rally star with a record-setting convoy. The convoy was led by McRae’s father, Jimmy McRae. It traveled 9 hours and 300 miles from McRae’s home town to the headquarters of Prodrive.

McRae was the first Briton to win the World Rally Championship Driver’s title and helped the Prodrive-led Subaru factory rally team win three straight WRC Constructors’ titles.


Once they arrived at Prodrive headquarters, 1,086 Subarus were arranged to spell McRae’s name and form the Scottish flag, stretching more than half a mile in length. The feat set a world record and then a second world record was set for the largest parade of cars as the Subarus left from the Prodrive test track.


All in all, an estimated $70,000 was raised for McRae charities at the event. It was also a reason for all his fans to gather and remember a great man. Colin McRae was obviously the kind of person who left an impression, and now his fans have returned the favor and made an impression in the record books.


Colin McRae was a legend whose time came too soon.