Bankrate Details New Non-Hybrid Cars Getting 40 MPG or Above

Responding to gas price spikes and the promise of high gasoline prices in the future, many American families and individual buyers are looking for fuel-efficient cars with high mpg.  However, not everyone wants to take advantage of the new design of the hybrid car, something that’s been responsible for pushing gasoline use values up  to 40 mpg in past market years. The hybrid is great for saving on gas, but it has its own challenges, for instance, worries over the actual design and endurance of expensive batteries, and the simple fear of the unknown.

To help customers who are caught in the middle of this list of pros and cons, auto experts are picking out some new car models that are getting 40 miles per gallon without investing in the design of the hybrid. In a recent online article, consumer financial counseling company Bankrate provides a list of ten fuel-efficient cars that achieve a hybrid level of fuel efficiency without adding an electric engine.

The Chevrolet Cruze Eco is one such model. Appearing now in American parking lots, this midsize sedan gets up to 42 highway mpg with a 138 horsepower, 1.4 liter turbocharged engine. Another new Chevrolet model, the Sonic Eco, uses the same engine block to get an estimated 40 miles per gallon on highway.

Another non-hybrid gas saver is the Ford Fiesta SFE, where the company uses a European design to sell a new American model with a frame light enough to reach the 40 mpg mark. The 2012 Ford Focus SFE adds the same high mpg, and while a hybrid model is also available, more traditional customers can get gas savings with this version of the popular new Focus with its small 2 liter engine.

Another choice is the Honda Civic HF, which gets 41 highway mpg with a 140 hp 1.8 L engine paired with a five speed automatic transmission. Again, a hybrid model is available, and Honda even offers a natural gas Civic for the model year to give consumers even more choices in energy sources.

Not to be outdone, the Hyundai Accent gets 40 mpg, where a redesign brought this car’s fuel efficiency up nearly 20%. The Hyundai Elantra, another stylish model for this emerging car company, also reaches the 40 mpg mark. Hyundai also adds another 40 mpg option with the new Veloster, a car we’ve often remarked on within the new lineup of fuel-efficient, affordable options for next year.

Mazda’s 2012 Mazda3 is another car that gets 40 mpg without hybrid design. With the Skyactiv-G engine, a labor of love for Mazda that was detailed last month on PriceWheels, Mazda competes as American customers pay attention to fuel-saving new cars.

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