Hyundai Sets Price on New 2012 Veloster

New information is out from Hyundai about their popular new three door coupe, the Veloster, which is getting some attention for 2012 as part of a full line-up of fuel savers. This new model is a small front-wheel drive car built for maximum fuel efficiency with up to 40 miles per gallon on highway. Now, Hyundai is releasing details on this car; in a press release August 24, the company cited a starting MSRP of $17,300 for the base model Veloster and $18,550 for a trim with an additional transmission build.

The 2012 Veloster will run on a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine with direct injection. Hyundai says the car will include a lot of the new features that drive customers to buy, including in-dash touchscreen displays and the company’s Blue Link™ tech system. Instead of going along with the crowd and installing Sirius/XM radio in the new Veloster, Hyundai will be choosing to go the Pandora route, adding this innovative interactive radio to the dash.

There’s also the Veloster’s unique “third door” design, which is intended to blend the functionality of a hatchback with a new and improved look for this car. The additional passenger side door will make it easier for more riders to access the back seat. This design helps to distinguish the Veloster from a crowd of new fuel-saving vehicles flooding the 2012 market, where the multiple options from Hyundai represent part of a much greater sea change in the market, and the Veloster, Elantra and Accent will have to compete with the likes of the Ford Focus, Honda Civic and Chevrolet Sonic Eco.

In terms of safety, the car will have vehicle stability management or VSM, as well as electronic stability control or ESC and electric power steering. Six airbags will provide safety within the cabin. A comprehensive braking package includes ABS, brake assist and other technology to make sure that drivers have the newest and best assistance in troublesome road conditions.

For a good bargain on this new vehicle, keep apprised of all of the incentives that Hyundai will be providing as this small car competes with others like the BMW Mini, Toyota Scion and other neat new models for the 2012 market.