Bentley Azure T Ensures You Arrive in Style and Fast

Bentley’s are quite expensive, and quite rare to see. If that Bentley is an Azure, then it’s even more rare, and if it’s an Azure T, then consider yourself lucky. That’s because the Azure T is now the upgraded version of the popular (with rich people) Azure drop-top.


The Azure is everything that is old and classic about Bentley. An almost three-ton land yacht is the only way to describe this car. It has a presence. When you’ve arrived in a Bentley, well, then you really have arrived. That little T at the end of the Azure T name now makes sure you arrive in a very fast manner. All this is because of the engine.

The tried and tested Bentley 6.8-liter V8 makes cruising effortless, especially when you bolt two turbos to it. That’s right, the T stands for turbo. As if this engine didn’t make enough horsepower, it now makes 50 more. Power is rated at 500-hp and an are-you-kidding 732 lb-ft of torque, enough to pull a house from its foundation and hit 60mph from a standstill in 5.2 seconds.

While it might not be in BMW M5 territory, remember that this thing weighs as much as a small school bus, so it is very respectable. On the outside, the T distinguishes itself with standard 20-inch, five-spoke alloy wheels, a retractable hood ornament, dark-tinted front grilles, Le Mans lower front wing air vents and what Bentley is calling a "jewel" billet aluminum fuel cap. On the inside, quilted leather seats and special decor make you feel extra rich and special. With a starting price of $350,000 you should feel a little bit of both.


Those seats just scream "filthy rich".

Source: Auto Week

Photos: Bentley Motor Cars