Bentley’s Iconic V8 Engine Turns 50 Years Old

When people think of old, classic V8 engines, their thoughts usually tend to go toward older American V8’s from the likes of Chevy, Ford or Chrysler. Still, few people realize there is an older and more classic eight-cylinder powerplant that is still in production today, and it’s not American!

British marque Bentley has been using versions of the same 6.75-liter pushrod V8 for about 50 years now. It has seen many different forms from naturally-aspirated to twin-turbocharged and intercooled for ultimate performance. The engine’s 50th anniversary will be celebrated by the company at the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation lecture on January 22.

Today, the engine powers most of Bentley’s more classic models, including the Azure convertible, the Arnage and the fabulous Bentley Brooklands coupe. In its most current guise, this awesome powerplant delivers 530 horsepower, so you won’t be left wanting when it comes to power. For it to have remained in Bentley’s lineup for so many years is just another testament of how good this engine really is. The boys in Crewe must really know what they are doing.


Every Bentley V8 is still signed by its builder on a plaque on top of the intake manifold. It’s beautiful.

Source: AutoBlog

Photo: Bentley Motor Cars