Subaru Gives Us a Look at the Next Legacy


Subaru’s Legacy has sold relatively well here in the states, and for good reason. With its standard all-wheel drive, great build quality and impressive reliability, the Legacy has left a deep impression with many past owners. Still, the styling has always been a bit behind to some competitors. Though the latest Legacy is ultimately a handsome car, it sort of gets lost in its simplistic styling approach.

Well Subaru wants to remedy all that with the next generation Legacy sedan. At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Subaru recently debuted the Subaru Legacy concept. While not the most original name for a concept, it drives the point home quite clearly. What you’re looking at is the next Legacy, give or take a few L.E.D. lighting elements. The styling is finally bold, with crisp and clear panel definition and a sweet silhouette. This should prove to spice up the Legacy’s plain-Jane image while giving it much needed styling cred.


Like all versions before it, the current Legacy is a fabulous car for the money. Like most Subarus, it’s a joy to drive. That unmistakable driving experience comes courtesy of a drivetrain combination that is only employed elsewhere in the auto world by Porsche, and even then not exactly the same way.

I’m talking about the combination of all-wheel drive and a boxer 6-cylinder engine. The boxer engine’s low center of gravity and the company’s asymmetrical AWD system help provide a well-balanced and neutral driving car over any condition. We all know Subaru has got the goods on the mechanical side of things. Hopefully, with this new Legacy, the company will also attract some attention thanks to its styling. If Subaru’s new Legacy is well received, it could prove to be a great seller for the Japanese automaker.

Source: Inside Line

Photos: Subaru