BMW Recalls Mini Cooper S Over Exhaust Tailpipe Issue

In a rather bizarre recall, BMW is in the process of recalling all 2007-2008 Mini Cooper S models. The bizarre thing isn’t the recall itself, but rather what it is for. Apparently, the problem is that the sporty tailpipe on the Cooper S’s exhaust system protrudes far enough out that if you were to get to close to it you might get burned. Well, duh!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says, "The centrally located tailpipe extension protrudes slightly behind the rear bumper. It is possible for inadvertent contact to occur with a person’s leg. If the tailpipe extension is hot during inadvertent contact, a burn could occur."

As you could imagine, the folks at Munich must be thinking "Are they joking?" about this whole thing. In documentation filed by the company with the federal government, BMW pulls no punches in how it feels about the situation. In the document, it states that it is, "conducting the recall despite the fact that we have not concluded that a safety defect exists."

The filed document also describes NHTSA’s "initial decision" as "factually unsupported and unsound", adding,"It is well known that exhaust pipes will be very hot after a vehicle has been operated for a period of time and that contact with such hot surfaces should be avoided."

Their frustration is a bit well called for. If this wasn’t such an easy fix, you bet they would be fighting it. Either way, it is what it is. Head on over to your local BMW-Mini dealership so they can fix it for you, free of charge. Anyone with further questions can contact BMW at 1 (800) 831-1117.

Source: Inside Line