Straight From Turin, Italy – The Coupetorino

The city of Turin, Italy has long been known as an epicenter of design. Often dubbed the "world design capital", Turin is home to more than one famous Italian coachbuilder. One of these famous coachbuilders (ok, they are now design studios) is Studiotorino.



A symbol of everlasting Torinese design prowess, Studiotorino was founded by none other than Alfredo Stola of the famed Stola carrozzeria (Italian for coachbuilder). The latest project to come out of the studio is a new coupe design study. Piotr Degler Jablonski of the Istituto Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD) of Turin penned the basic shape with guidance from Stola. The result is the aptly-named Coupetorino.

The Coupetorino is based on a modern day Mercedes-Benz SL roadster, preferably an AMG model. Studiotorino then removed the folding hardtop and replaced it with a fixed-roof with an integrated thermal glass top. The glass top also houses a large integrated rear wing in stunning carbon fiber. Studiotorino has always had a propitiatory look to its cars and the Coupetorino is no exception. The two flying buttresses and total elimination of rear quarter windows blends refined Euro style with a smattering of bad-ass muscle car attitude.

Though only a 1/4 scale model, the Coupetorino nonetheless is a design achievement in its own right. Combining awesome style with confident individuality, the Coupetorino is one of those cars that deserves a close second look. Hopefully, enough interest will be generated to justify designing a full-scale one. I, for one, think it looks great.


I’d be smiling too if I got to study car design under Stola.

Source: Inside Line 

Photos: Studiotorino