Brabus-Tuned Mercedes: The Most Outlandish SUV Ever

Next time you make, oh, I don’t know, another $150,000, and want to really throw your middle finger up at high gas prices, put this Mercedes on your shopping list. This is the ultimate urban assault vehicle, a G-Class Benz tuned by Brabus, as reported on One of the few groups who think a naturally aspirated V-12 in an SUV just needs more power, they have taken this engine and increased overall displacement in addition to upgrading the turbochargers. Yes, turbochargers with an s, as in multiple. It boasts an incredible 660-hp and 973 ft. lbs. of torque.


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So with enough ground clearance to take to the skies on its 22-inch wheels, the Brabus Benz achieves 62 miles per hour in a sultry 4.3 seconds. Too bad it has a governed top speed of 150 miles per hour though. I really wanted to see if the truck could actually fly. And 973 ft. lbs. of torque is also important when you’re trying to tow your 45-foot cigarette boat to the bay for a cruise, so keep that in mind.

I saw a G-Series like this at an auto show in Providence, R.I. a few years back, and its stock mpg was 6 in the city. It is a truly amazing feat to achieve such terrible gas mileage, and I am sure Brabus’ version is certain to break those records. The looks are unique and are really the only feature I like about the G-Series Mercedes. Congratulations Brabus! Now go give Ludacris a call, he’ll take one.