Budget Performance – $500 BMW 335i

Forget Fox Body Mustangs, LT1 Camaros and 1st generation Miatas. The best budget performance buy is the 2009 BMW 335i, for one lucky person anyway. The Unique Bid gives one extremely lucky bidder the chance to buy a BMW 335i for less than $500.

The Unique Bid will sell a 2009 BMW 335i to the customer who has the highest unique bid. Each bid costs $20, and The Unique Bid limits the number of bids to 6,500, so your chances of scoring the cheap 335i aren’t too bad. All it takes is a little bit of luck.

2009 bmw 335i picture

The 335i is a pretty fast car, with 300 hp and a 0-60 time of just 5 seconds, so you won’t run into too many cars that you can’t beat stoplight to stoplight. Once you strip the interior out and cut a couple hundred pounds out of it, it will be an absolute beast. As an added bonus, those leather seats will probably sell for enough to finance your tire budget for a few months. Of course, no sane person would rip out the interior of a $45,000 luxury car, but we’re living in the world of make believe right now, so play along.  Add in a set of coilovers to get rid of the Neville Chamberlainesque comfortable ride and you’ve got yourself a racer for under $2K.

The site says the car will probably include the premium and sport packages as well as an automatic transmission, but if you ask really nicely they might order you one with a stick shift.