Chrysler’s Nardelli Has No Excuses Left, Chrysler Will Fold Without Help

Chrysler LLC CEO Bob Nardelli has put his cards on the table. If Chrysler doesn’t get outside help, it’s game over. Nardelli claims that even with funding from Washignton, the company is going to have to attach itself to another automaker. Yet, at this point, Chrysler is seen as more of a parasite to other car makers.

Mercedes-Benz was lucky enough to publicly escape the merger with Chrysler without too much damage, so I doubt there are any other hosts out there willing to take on this organism that is Chrysler LLC. Still, Nardelli is quite to-the-point about the whole situation.

"I think it’s going to take creative, bold new thinking," he said. "We can’t just get the money, and it’s a road to nowhere."

Those are scary words to hear from anyone who’s made their living at Chrysler. Without the $25 billion that Chrysler is asking for in federal relief, it indeed seems to be a road to nowhere. With the ever more present danger of having major U.S. automakers go out of business, bold new thinking is indeed what we need.

Source: The Auto Channel