Citroen Uses Gran Turismo Video Game to Hint at Upcoming GT

The Gran Turismo game franchise is well-established in the video game community. It is the standard by which all other car racing games are judged and measured. In fact, it has become a household name and introduced many a budding car enthusiast to a myriad of awesome and expensive racing automobiles.

It’s no wonder then, that French automaker Citroen tapped into it, by releasing one if its concepts in the actual game! This is unheard of, and a very original way of reaching your core demographic.

We are, after all, talking about an awesome-looking (from what we can see) GT sports car. Although a red veil is draped over the entire car, we can still see a few things. A pair of slit LED lights grace the front end while huge fenders round out the aggressive look. The cockpit looks low-slung and it should slip through any air drag with ease. Look for more revealing images to start popping up all over the net around the time the 2008 Paris Auto show starts. This should prove to be quite a smart move by Citroen’s marketing team.



Hopefully this one will step out of the virtual world and grace us with its presence.