Commuting Patterns Shift as Gas Prices Rise

The Jacksonville Business Journal did an interesting story on Friday relaying statistics about how skyrocketing gas prices are affecting professionals and their daily commutes. Check it out:

"Higher gas prices are not only causing pain for commuters, but are also changing commuting dynamics.

More than 44 percent of professionals interviewed in a survey by Menlo Park, Calif.-based Robert Half International said higher gas prices have affected their commutes, up from 34 percent two years ago, the last time the staffing firm conducted a similar survey. Those professionals have changed their commuting habits, with more people willing to carpool or ride-share, drive a more fuel-efficient car, or telecommute more frequently.

Of the respondents to the national survey who said higher gas prices have affected their commute, 46 percent said they have increased carpooling or ride-sharing, up from 34 percent two years ago, while 33 percent said they are driving a more-efficient car. Thirty percent said they are looking for a new job closer to home, while 25 percent said they are asking for increased compensation.

The national survey included responses from 539 workers at least 18 years old and working full or part time. The survey was conducted by an independent research firm and developed by Robert Half International."