Could Pontiac Become a One-Model Brand?

While GM takes time to think what it’s going to do with itself come next year, people over at the company’s sporty Pontiac division already are focused on streamlining the Pontiac lineup. They plan to bring Pontiac down to just three models. All three would be specialized niche vehicles, and would be sold through GM dealers.

"We need to skinny it up, get it very focused and then create a very special role for Pontiac within the BPG channel," said Susan Docherty, vice president of Buick-Pontiac-GMC. "But it needs to be with a very focused entry or entries."

Pontiac only has six models at the present moment, but three of those six are already up in the air. A refaced Chevy Aveo will debut, called the G3, but it will only stay in the lineup for a year at the most. After that, the future is uncertain for Pontiac. While usually the provider of sportier vehicles for the GM family, the company has been diluted to produce some boring cars in the past couple of years. Hopefully a restructuring of its core business plan could return this once respected nameplate to its former glory.

Source: Auto Week