Makers of the HANS Neck Restraint Device Sue Competitor

The HANS device has revolutionized motor racing safety. It works by restricting certain movements of the neck to prevent serious injury in the event of a racing accident. The devices have proven their worth countless times during competition use. It’s no surprise then that when HANS Performance Products found out a competitor was producing a very similar product, the company took legal action.

HANS alleges that manufacturer IST’s "defNder G70" product infringes on the company’s U.S. patent rights. HANS Performance Products CEO Mark Stiles said, "We and our licensees have invested significantly in the invention, innovation and continued development of proprietary head and neck restraint technologies. When others make use of our patented technology, we will always take aggressive action to protect our investment, including the enforcement of our legal rights."

HANS devices are now used by more than 65,000 competitors the world over. In fact, some racing series demand that you have one or you can’t race. With the growing popularity of the device, it is only natural to think that its inventors would want to protect their product.


This innovative product might just save your life in a racing accident.

Source: Auto Week 

Photo: HANS Performance Products