DeAndre Jordan’s Instagram Cars


DeAndre Jordan, LA Clippers center, doesn’t just use Instagram for important business like speaking out against racist team owners, he also posts pictures of his adorable dog and cool cars.   DeAndre Jordan recently posted this picture to Instagram of his boxer Bruce along with Clippers teammate Blake Griffin’s dog Chaney in the back of what appears to be a Ford Escape.

DeAndre Jordan might use a Ford Escape for dog park trips, but that’s not his only ride. He also posted an image of this Can Am Spyder. The Can Am Spyder is a three wheeled motorcycle so it doesn’t have as much room for the Boxer Bruce to ride along, but it does have 106 horsepower and only 700-lbs to carry (plus rider), so it’s a quick little trike.

Two years ago DeAndre Jordan posted this picture of his Mercedes-Benz SLK just after an accident.