Drool Factor x 10: MTM’s 552-HP Supercharged Audi R8

As if Audi’s new R8 wasn’t fast enough (are they ever?) or sexy enough, there’s a German tuner in town who just turned the volume knob to 11. Roland Meyer’s MTM tuning firm has been in the business of turning out stunning Audi’s for more than 20 years. Still, the company’s new offspring is in another league all together.

Called simply the Audi R8 MTM, this beast is a fitting tribute to classic German tuning. Very subtle, very refined, the R8 MTM only gives slight hints at whats under the glass-framed hood. You see that’s because this beast is blown. The stock R8’s V8 engine is already a work of art.

Making 420-hp out of 4.2 liters is an amazing feat for a naturally-aspirated engine, never mind one with such muscle car grunt. That equates to 100-hp per liter out of a V8! MTM though, takes it to a whole new level by bolting on a supercharger setup that boosts (pun intended) power output to an astonishing 552-hp and 428 ft/lbs of torque. All that oomph delivers a 3.9 second 0-60 time and a top speed of 197mph. Quite impressive indeed given the fact that the stock R8 only manages a sissy 195mph.

But alas the old "pay to play" saying holds firmly true here. MTM is going to pull $26,000 out of your wallet and that’s just for the engine upgrade. The full shabang will run you closer to $55,000 and add on some sweet wheels and some carbon accents all over the exterior. All in all, the new Audi R8 MTM will get you salivating at the thought of what it can do. With this new creation, the boys at MTM have really outdone themselves.



 Drool away my friends.