Luxury Brand Alfred Dunhill Creates Bentley Luggage

As if a Bentley laptop computer wasn’t enough, luxury goods maker Alfred Dunhill has teamed up with the styling team for Bentley automobiles to come up with a set of luggage inspired by the famous British mark.

The new line will include a suitcase, weekend bag, briefcase and wash bag. All the pieces will be finished in a brown natural-grain leather with matching interior trim. The Bentley-Dunhill team has made it a point to source quality materials from locations throughout Europe. The clasps and fastenings are exclusive to the Bentley lineup, made of brass and finished to bright silver in Italy. Chromed zip pulls read "Bentley" while leather labels inside the bags display "Alfred Dunhill for Bentley." Leather for the bags comes exclusively from young bulls in Spain and is finished with hand stitching.

This partnership isn’t just for show though. Dunhill has ordered several Bentley Continental Flying Spurs that will be used to chauffeur guests at his Homes of Alfred Dunhill in Tokyo, Shanghai and London. The locations contain retail stores, barbershops and lounges. Seems like a match made in heaven and rich folks everywhere should be cheering in joy that now they can have a set of luggage, which matches their laptop computer, which then matches their six-figure car. Isn’t that what life is all about?


 Now all I need is a Bentley.