Fake it ‘Till You Make it – Lamborghini Now Offering 0% Auto Loans

Have your real estate investments tanked? Lost some money in a ponzi scheme? Worried you’ll have to provide health insurance for the crew of your yacht? In a recession, even the rich need to cut back on expenses. You don’t want to live like a pauper though, do you? Thanks to Lamborghini, there’s an easy way for the rich to live like the ultra-rich. Zero percent financing on a car loan for a new Lamborghini Murcielago.

Not more than you can afford, pal.

Thanks in part to Volkswagen Credit, Lamborghini is offering a couple of financing incentives on 2009 and 2010 Murcielago LP6640 coupes and roadsters. If you have a credit score of 700+, and enough cash to make a 10% down payment, which is about $35,000, Lamborghini will stretch your payments out to 12 years with a 5.99% interest rate. Customers with a credit score of 740+ can score a new Murcielago with 0% financing for 60 months, but will have to make a larger down payment (Lamborghini’s press release doesn’t say how much, so it looks like one of those ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford it’ situations).

With a 12 year (that’s a full gross of months) car loan at a 5.99% interest rate and the mandatory 10% down payment, the monthly payment on a Murcielago will be just $3,072.30. Lamborghini doesn’t say how much of a down payment is required for the 0% financing incentive, so I’ll go ahead and assume 15%, which is $52,500. At those numbers, you’d have to come up with $4,958.33 each month.

Unfortunately, Lamborghini didn’t include the lower priced Gallardo in this promotion. A 12-year loan on the Gallardo would make it almost attainable, and would probably cause a huge sales jump for the baby Lambo. And what does the world need more than anything right now? That’s right, more gorgeous Italian sports cars on the roads. I know it would make me happy.


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