For Those Who Are Fans of Tracks and ‘Vettes…

Like Corvettes? Like driving on the track? Like driving on the track in a Corvette? If you answered yes, yes and yes, than you’ll be happy to hear that now there is a ‘Vette that was purposely tuned for track-day junkies.

Called the "Competition Sport Corvette" package, or CSC, this new ‘Vette differs from a stocker in many ways. First, Chevy installs the Z51 performance package, along with a performance exhaust. Red-painted brake calipers with no clear performance enhancement, a rear differential cooler, Z06 tail spoiler and special engine cover add to the effect.

On the interior, a heads-up display keeps the driver’s eyes glued to the road while GCA pedals ensure proper footing for those track-only heel and toe maneuvers. Ebony interior leather with titanium stiching rounds out the package.


Looks wise, the CSC Corvette differenciates itself by boasting "Competition Gray" hood stripes, wheels and headlamp tint. GM also will send owners a set of racing-style numbers for the exterior. The numbers will be based on the car’s build sequence, which is cool! Exterior colors will be black, artic white or blade silver only. Look for them in dealers soon.

Source: Inside Line

Photo: General Motors