Ford Releases Teaser Shot of the 2010 Mustang’s Dashboard

If you’re a muscle-car fan, Ford is desperate for your attention. You see, it seems a lot of the Mustang’s spotlight was faded as soon as new pictures of the new Chevrolet Camaro started to surface. Then the Camaro’s tech specs came out and it wasn’t pretty. People seem to have all but forgotten the ‘Stang and that really gets the Ford people going. They know they have a new Mustang on the horizon and they want people to remember that there’s a reason they’re all called pony-cars, but the Mustang is the only real stallion in the corral. 

Ford invented the pony-car when it debuted in the late 60’s. Well, all Ford can do now is tease us with images of the new Mustang’s dashboard.  From what we can see, not much has changed. The dash still incorporates the trademark features like the three-spoke steering wheel and guages, but from what we can see, material quality and fit and finish have improved a bit.

Expect to see the whole car when it debuts at the 2008 Los Angeles Auto Show later this year. Don’t expect a big departure in design from the classic shape though because the Mustang is an iconic car and Ford won’t mess too much with that formula.


While it might look similar, Mustang’s new dash is quite an improvement in terms of fit and finish.