Ford Sales Up: Fiesta, Focus, Explorer Among Favorites

New corporate announcements show that sales are good for Ford; since digging out of a sticky situation in 2008, the company’s share price has skyrocketed, and now, the news from Dearborn, Mich. is that sales are continuing to improve, especially for Ford’s lineup of new fuel-efficient vehicles.

A June 1 press release from Ford’s leadership shows that new Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus models accounted for over 29,000 sales last month, the biggest monthly volume since May of 2008. The Explorer also hit a multi-year sales high with total sale volume multiplied four times over last year’s numbers for the month.

The Ford Fiesta, Focus and Explorer models are a major force in the company’s domestic sales, but sales of other cars like the Fusion and small SUVs like the Ford Escape are selling quite nicely, too, according to the new numbers from Ford’s sales report. Company execs say that customers are choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles, opting for a 4-cylinder engine in a street car and buying Ford F150 trucks with a V6 option rather than going for Ford’s top-power V8 engine. Ford spokespersons are touting the company’s “fuel-efficient powertrains” in the strong sales that are helping the century-old brand to re-establish itself in a modern market where competing with powerful foreign car makers is the name of the game.

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